Happy New Year, everyone! May 2016 bring you lots of love, health, happiness and success!

I always like making New Year’s resolutions and actually write them down on paper so I can go back to the list every now and then as a reminder. But what I find myself doing most of the time when December comes along is I transfer most of my goals onto the following year’s resolution list! So this year, instead of listing my resolutions in my best handwriting, I have decided to simply live by the motto, “Just do it.” If on any day, something sparks and I want to do or try something, I should just go for it and work my way towards it – just like how I decided to study abroad in Japan one week before the application deadline, how I changed my career after six years in the Finance field, how I woke up one morning and had a strong urge to do the Trans-Siberian Railway trip this summer and now how I decided to start a blog! Sometimes the last minute “go for it and plan/worry later” decisions are the best ones and are the life-changing ones. Instead of just sitting and thinking about pursuing something, we should just get up and get going, because if we don’t, nothing is going to happen. And most importantly, I always remind myself this – We only live once!

I am starting the new year with this blogging project of mine, something that I have been thinking of doing for years. To make it extra special, I am launching it on New Year’s Day! Just so that I don’t give up along the way, I am making a commitment of publishing a post every Monday. Now that I have announced it, it will motivate me to work hard towards accomplishing this goal.

What do you wish to accomplish this year? Or what have you been wanting to do but have been putting off or procrastinating on? I would love to hear from you.

Let’s start the year strong!