Anybody Else Love Airports?

Airports are amazing places

When you think about how many people walk in and out of an airport each day, it is pretty impressive.  An airport can be a happy place for people who are leaving for their vacation and it can also be a sad place for ones who are saying good-byes.  Airports tell us how easy it is to stay close or travel far.  Everyday there are countless flights heading to different corners of the world.  I love the anticipation.  The level of excitement increases as you check-in, go through security, go to your gate, and wait to board your flight.  Within 48 hours, we can get to just about any place we want.

Airports are great places for people watching

Your journey starts as soon as you step into an airport.  You can see the most culturally and racially diverse people, especially at international airports.  Different terminals can give you a complete different feel – sometimes you can get a preview of a culture even before you arrive at your destination.  When you have a lot of time before your flight, try sitting at different gates just to observe others. Don’t lose track of time though!

It is good entertainment – you can check out people’s travel gears, their on-flight outfits, what they carry with them on the plane, pilots and flight attendants getting ready for work, late passengers run to their gates, eavesdrop on others (I witnessed a breakup once), see emotional farewells and happy reunions, watch as workers load and unload luggage,and see planes take off.

Airports can be a great place to hang out

I have no problem killing time at airports.  There are some airports that I love so much that I would go there extra early so I can walk around the shops or eat at one of the restaurants or simply to just lounge around.  I have even choosen to arrive or depart at a certain airport just because I like the feel of it. (This had gotten me in trouble…)


The noise of airports are almost meditative – the laughter of excited travelers, the sound of wheeled suitcases, the unless announcements, the stamping of passports, the beeping of boarding pass scanners.  With this background noise, I took the best nap ever at Bandaranaike International Airport, when I made a transit in Sri Lanka.

The sense of anonymity

No one know who you are.  And you know nothing about others – where they are from, where they are heading and why, are they traveling for pleasure or business, what they do, and how often do they travel.  We are all just travelers, getting from point A to point B.



You can walk in an airport in one time zone and climate and step out of another in a total different atmosphere.  It is wonderful to step out of an airport with  humid and hot air welcoming you as you quickly remove your winter gears.



Author: Pearl

I have always loved traveling but did not venture out on my own until I was in my mid-20s. After my first solo adventure to Vietnam, I have fallen in love with the freedom and exhilaration of traveling alone. I would like to use this blog to document my travels and record memorable stories I do not want to forget. It will be a platform to share useful information and hear about others' experiences and thoughts, not necessarily about travels but also on life in general. Live a simple and meaningful life, enjoy learning along the way, travel the world and explore the unknown!

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