Fear of Flying?

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There are many people who love traveling who are also afraid of flying.  And I am one of them.

I guess I am not really scared of flying but I am not comfortable with it.  I don’t get so nervous that my heart races or I have to hold someone’s hand, but I get uptight whenever there is turbulence.

I know statistics show that flying is safer compared to driving.  They say it is safe once you are up in the air and the chances of the plane falling is very low, and that the risk is higher during take-off and landing. But I still dislike it when the pilot announces for everyone to return to their seat and when that seatbelt light is turned on.  I can’t help to think of malfunctions of the plane.  And now with the missing airplanes and terrorist attacks….

When there is turbulence, I usually close my eyes and try to think of something else. When it gets really bad, I like to pretend I am on a roller coaster because I love roller coasters. When it gets even worst, I will suddenly become religious and start praying to my own God.  I wish for it to stop.  And if it is really going to happen, please not when I am getting to my destination.  Let me enjoy my trip first. ?

I remember one time on my flight back from Hong Kong, turbulence was so bad that my bottom lifted off the seat and my head felt like it was going to hit the luggage compartment. The plane kept descending.  I gripped hard on my armrests and held my breath.  My neighbor and I exchanged a “oh my, I guess this is it!  You are who I am dying next to.” look.

When I am flying with a reputable airline, however, I am less nervous. The cabin staffs definitely make a difference in how you feel during a flight.  I recall another time during bad turbulence.  Despite the crazy shaking of the plane, the flight attendants walked gracefully down the aisle checking to see if everyone had their seatbelt on, but did so in the calmest way and with a smile. I felt at ease.  It is so much better than hearing them shout out to get people back to their seats.

Are you afraid of flying? What do you do to calm yourself down?

Author: Pearl

I have always loved traveling but did not venture out on my own until I was in my mid-20s. After my first solo adventure to Vietnam, I have fallen in love with the freedom and exhilaration of traveling alone. I would like to use this blog to document my travels and record memorable stories I do not want to forget. It will be a platform to share useful information and hear about others' experiences and thoughts, not necessarily about travels but also on life in general. Live a simple and meaningful life, enjoy learning along the way, travel the world and explore the unknown!

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