My Search For The Perfect Husband

Looking for the perfect backpack is somewhat like searching for your Mr. Right!?

I have been looking for a new backpack for the past couple of months.  I wish for a good looking, strong, comfortable, sophisticated one that gives me great support, and one that fits me properly – just like how a potential husband should be, no?

My first-ever Jack Wolfskin backpack has great features – it has a nice design, durable material with a cushioned waist belt that takes all the weight off my shoulders but the only thing is it just had a drawstring opening from the top.  It is inconvenient to have to pull everything out each time I want to take something out.  Plus I think I am a little too old for the cute Snoopy patch that I got embroidered on my bag when I was in Nepal.?

Laos (2011)
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Casablanca, Morocco (2014)


Even though the Jack Wolfskin backpack and I shared so many memorable adventures together the past 13 years, I think it is time for change.  Sorry…I promise I will still take you on camping trips though.

Agra, India (2006)

I would like to go for a smaller backpack that can open up like a suitcase, one that I can use for urban travel as well as a weekend trip.  I am a light packer and still sometimes I find myself not even wearing/using some of the things I bring along with me, so I want to try to bring fewer things.  I want to travel light not so that I can save on check-in luggage but to reduce my physical and mental burden.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able fit my life into a small backpack for a few weeks.  I was fine traveling for six months with my JW bag, so I am sure I can live with a smaller bag for a month or two.

I have read many, many reviews and videos on backpacks.  I have considered the following bags: Minaal, Ebags Motherlode Junior, Ebags Weekender Junior, Tortuga Air, Osprey Fairpoint 40, Kelty Redwing, Tom Bihn Aeronaut and PacSafe.

It was a hard decision, but I decided to go with the Tortuga Air for its size, look and features.

Ebags Motherlode vs. Tortuga Air


I haven’t actually used it yet, but I randomly threw in seven bottoms (including a few pair of jeans) and ten tops to test it out and there was still space left. If I am going somewhere warm, that will be more than enough space for me.

I should still have room for an extra pair of shoes.  Toiletries can go in the front compartment.


I will let you know if HE is really the one after my summer trip.?

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I have always loved traveling but did not venture out on my own until I was in my mid-20s. After my first solo adventure to Vietnam, I have fallen in love with the freedom and exhilaration of traveling alone. I would like to use this blog to document my travels and record memorable stories I do not want to forget. It will be a platform to share useful information and hear about others' experiences and thoughts, not necessarily about travels but also on life in general. Live a simple and meaningful life, enjoy learning along the way, travel the world and explore the unknown!

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  1. Hey! No one is ever too old for Snoopy. Doug has a Snoopy sticker decal on his laptop — his work laptop. Can you believe that? Good luck with your new travel mate. 🙂

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