Picture Journal : India

India is one of those countries you either love or hate.  I liked India because it was like no place I have ever been to.  My mind didn’t get any break because it was in constant cultural shock.  It was very foreign, almost like a different world – the culture was nothing like what I have ever experienced and everything I came across opened up all my senses.

New Delhi traffic. It takes a few try before you can get a rickshaw. Drivers usually stare at you for five seconds, as if prices are written on your face, before deciding on the fare.         Step 1: Ask for price.    Step 2: Say thank you and walk away      Step 3: Wait to be called back with a lower offer. Step 4: Offer your price
Be prepare to argue with the driver over the fare.  He might charge you more than what he originally agreed on, and the reason being that he took a different route to avoid traffic.  It’s not about the money but the principle.  We just paid what we agreed on and hopped off.


Jaipur, India
Barber shops
You will be asked for $1 as soon as you snap the picture. This was a lazy cobra. It didn’t want to come out and the man had to shake it a few times to wake it up.
Busy shopping area in Jaipur, where we purchased lots of colorful scarves, clothes and t-shirts.
Pushkar Lake is one of the most holy place for Hindus.
Pilgrims from all over the country come to bathe in the holy waters of Pushkar. The spiritual water is also believed to treat skin diseases.
We had to remove our shoes before entering the holy lake. A little boy decides to try on our shoes.
Breathtaking sunset at this beautiful lake.
Homes along train tracks. I had many interesting and memorable experiences on train rides throughout India. I loved hearing the young boys calling out “Chai, Chai!” in the middle of night as they hop on the train to sell tea.
Local market in Pushkar
The stunning Taj Mahal in Agra symbolizes the romantic Mughal emperor’s love for his cherished wife. Did you know that the emperor had his people cut off the hands of all the architects after this structure was completed to ensure they would never build another one.
My favorite and most magical place in India, the Ganges River in Varanasi. There are 101 things happening all day everyday here – everything from weddings to funerals are held around the ghats. People come here to wash away a lifetime of sins, to cremate their loved ones, to do their laundry and to bathe.  It was overwhelming to witness the most intimate rituals of life and death take place in public in one day.


A walk along the ghats or a boat ride on the river will live long in your memory.


A little girl getting her head shaved by one of the many barbers by the Ganges. It is a symbol of beginning a new life.


A husband or wife shaves off his/her head to show that he/she is in mourning.  Removing hair also symbolizes a new hopeful future.  Having it done in this holy place makes it extra meaningful.


A wedding


Girls selling flowers
Beautiful hand-made jewelry.

Thank you India for memories of a lifetime. Namaste.

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